This is where we hope to see the fruits of Sport and Beyond. We want to see students playing in tournaments and putting to practice all that they have learnt. Sport and Beyond is honoured to be a part of 3 tournament so far and are looking to expand their portfolio.


With the immense growth of water polo in the country, the need for more U/15 tournaments seemed necessary in the year 2016. Partnering with the likes of Wesley Bohata and Jordyn Zoghby (2 respected coaches in the country) we set out to meet that need.

The tournament is run very differently to how any other tournaments have run in the past. This tournament has no affiliation to any school and is run privately. The tournament takes place in Gauteng and schools are able to apply to host. The hope is that we will grow this tournament to be the biggest age group specific tournament in the country. We want to be able to hire more pools from surrounding schools to grow the capacity of the tournament.  We have seen the growth from 12 teams in 2016 to 32 teams in 2019. We are setting our sites on 40 teams for 2020.

How does Cup of Honour work.

Each year we will honour an influential South African or International Individual/Team/Organisation in the water polo world. Past honoured guests:

  • 2017 –           South Africa Men’s Captain – Pierre Le Roux
  • 2018 –           5-time Olympian. Silver medalist – Tony Azevedo  
  • 2019 –           Celebration of Coaches


This tournament runs annually with schools attending from around the country. The tournament is development focused, looking at growing our water polo from the roots up. We have Exhibition games and talks from top South African players that add to this growth of the sport. We have 2 divisions. Inland Cup, which is competition based, and the Junior Warriors, which is festival based. We have 32 teams entered already for 2020.


  • We will be trying to open up to International School/Club teams to compete.
  • To try bring more international players over.
  • Have a South African Tournament recognized internationally by all clubs and teams.

Sport and Beyond is a company that is passionate about growing sport and athletes. Our goal is to channel young players and teams to being enthusiastic about the sport they are involved in and in so doing, inspiring a future generation of fantastic sportsmen and women.


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